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December 23, 2014


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Thank you for sharing these words. I like the expression "to stab their hearts". Cause I think that only a wounded and bleeding heart is really vital and able to survive.
Maybe the aim we have to focus is the survival of mankind and our mother earth. And it is urgently necessary to overcome materialism and wishes for feeling comfortable.
But also to avoid dogmatic thinking and going back to traditional thoughts and habits.
Its a challenge. That is marvellous.
Joseph Schueepp

Buddhism, a way of life, which means to live a better life, or wholesome life, to win the aim, as otherwise the suffering will follow us as our shadows. As you said it is a challenge.

Modern Buddhists are like a colony of insects with no queen. They seek unity while rejecting the doctrines which brought them together. This is rebellion and selfish, individual tyranny. Now, nature is punishing them with confusion.

The rebuke of a great sage is like the blow of a hammer which shatters delusion.

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