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December 15, 2014


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"The Buddha" is a title which refers to an office earned by attainment. Specifically, it refers to the first Buddha, as well as the Maitreya Buddha. It refers to their attainment, not to some incorporeal mish-mash.

This conversation is pointless. I can see that Buddhism is nil, since nobody here can agree on a working definition. I'm getting fed up with having no direction. Meditation does more for me than talking to a bunch of people with their own personal ideas...

If the Buddha were not a human, then nobody could become a Buddha.

I rather believe the 40 teeth as well as the flatfoot and the micro-penis stated as other signs give us a hint at how incestual Shakyamuni's family probably was. The Shakyamuni had a body, and it was most probably his body as an ideal that was described here, if by him or by others.

So if the Buddha is symbolic here, he is also symbolic when talking about reincarnation. That's how Shunryu Suzuki took it - the chain of dependent origination is happening here and now.

Electric, my comment was not directed toward your question. However I urge you to consider thinking about faith as a worthy component of Buddhist practice (indeed, eventually a necessary one), as it has repeatedly been revealed in Buddha's discourses (nirvana sutra, lankavatara sutra, and elsewhere) as the means of enlightenment. You ask difficult questions, which are not easy to answer because the answers are beyond all images, words, or means to describe. Truth (tattva) cannot be pronounced, but it can be known inwardly through intuitive means with the support of the buddhas and their original vows. You may have faith in that support, which is not different than your own mind, the very mind you use to read this. The same mind of Buddha. Buddha did offer guidance in the sutras listed above, and praised the faithful for their diligence (also available via link through the compassionate and skillful means of the Zennist). The inestimable renunciant "Vajragoni" of the unborn mind zen blog is currently commenting upon a series on faith, which is very much worthy of contemplation by any sincere student of buddhism.

If I may share some personal insight, which may or may not be shared by others of the sangha, perhaps you can look at your lifetimes as a gradual revelation of light, which is the pronouncement of truth that cannot be pronounced in words or discourse (words being only expedient). I see the essence of this progress as the shedding of delusion and error, and as the progression occurs, more spiritual entities become aware and recognize what, through the spiritual power of the buddhas, is going on in our minds. As we progress, we continue to receive assistance in infinite ways, infinite support which is always available, and is mysterious, intuitive, and ineffable. That the mechanics of such workings are hard to understand, even beyond ordinary mind, suggests to me the validity of faith. I pray to all the buddhas to still the turbid waves which obscure your faith, and to be present with you right now and always, in conformity with their original vows, until your final and ultimate awakening is complete.

Gui Do:

About the 40 teeth of the Buddha (the 17th mark), this shows that the Buddha had the same attitude towards all beings treating them with equal kindness, etc. This is all symbolic. The Buddha has no corporeal body. He is neither a god nor a human.

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