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December 15, 2014


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Electric Black:

I can only say that was a great comment — awesome. Of course, if we were to say put the attâ before temporal breathing the contemporary Buddhists would crucify us! LOL

Then I can positively say The Buddha is not empty of Self.

When trying to rephrase the Dark Zen Meditation, I thought of the phrase, "...putting the cart before the horse." We are putting the Breath before the Self, and this leads to the illusion of 'self'. We should be putting the Self before the Breath!

In fact I just tried rephrasing the instruction as: "Put the Self before the Breath." It worked as before, and it is very easy to do, and very effective. One gets an intuitive notion of this Self and begins to see it's true nature.

Therefore The Buddha is the Dark Principle, or mysterious principle which originates the conceived universe. It is beyond the concept of the self, but it is not emptiness. It is Pure Mind, or the True Undying Self.

In essence, The Buddha is the Alpha and Omega of the universe, and it's Original Face. It is what we looked like before we were born!

Electric Black:

You've discovered that there is no other logical way to look at meditation. What is the point of following the breath or just comfortably abiding in Mara's body? We have actually never been a body; nor are we a byproduct of our brain. We are minds or spirits attached to the psycho-physical body in the belief that I am this body. I believe material shape is me, including feeling, perception, volitional formations and consciousness.

Something new and different has happened to me.

I suddenly understand that The Buddha is not a man, but a Principle. It becomes an Office when this principle is INCARNATE within a man. Therefore, it is possible to transcend rebirth by becoming One with this Undying Principle.

This realization came upon me when I rephrased the instruction for Dark Zen Meditation. I found the phrase, “Recollect that which is most antecedent to the in-breath and the out-breath during your normal breathing rhythm” to be long and difficult to follow. I rephrased it to “Place yourself before in-and-out breathing.” I went beyond my body within 20 seconds and I saw The Buddha Principle in that moment.

Now it makes sense to me what is being taught. This is no longer about reading words. I now have a better sense of direction.

Allow me to apologize for my lack of patience. May I suggest, this realization is the answer to the whole confusion here.

"The right standard is to see pure Mind in the midst of phenomena.  This, naturally, takes extraordinary skills which many lack.  But it’s certainly doable with extraordinary results."


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