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December 08, 2014


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Electric Black:

Not too long ago, "old world atheists" welded science and materialism together although science and materialism, strictly speaking, are worlds apart. And now thanks to the efforts of Dr. Donald Hoffman, whose paper on _Conscious Realism and the Mind-Body Problem_ is quite extraordinary, the tables have been turned against materialism.

Let me tell you something about psychiatry and religion. This is my own personal story. I know it's long but I think it explains a lot. It explains why I think materialism is infiltrating Buddhism, and religion in general. It also explains why this infiltration is so acute. Bear with me.

Some time in the late 90‘s when I was about 20, I had a panic attack at home. I called 911 because I did not know what was going on. I had never had a panic attack, or any serious problem before. They took me to the hospital in an ambulance. The M.D. took one look at me, asked if I had insurance, and sent me to the mental ward. There they filled me full of drugs for anxiety, depression, psychosis, insomnia, bipolar disorder... An ounce-cup of drugs every night, WITHOUT an evaluation to see what my symptoms actually were.

While I was in the hospital, I kept religious material beside my bunk. The doctor heard about it and said no, I couldn't have that. Religious material was a "crutch" for people who were crazy. This was in a Protestant hospital, where the psychiatrist worked on a daily basis. I was also seen by another psychiatrist in the same hospital. He told me that all religion is actually mass psychosis. I said, excuse me? Psychotic people are telepathic when they all see God at the same time? He said, well...religious psychosis works like that. He also told me that my being there was an “interesting experiment”.

Three days later, I was told by the resident doctor that the drugs he was giving me were a neuro-chemical cocktail, which could be dangerous. However, he did not change the type or dose of medication. My roommate was being given Lithium because he couldn’t sleep. I talked to him about his diet. When he stopped eating nothing but cookies (sugar) he slept fine. (Thank you, doktor, for letting him eat junk while you take religion away from people.) One woman was being given anti-psychotics (Risperdal) because she had Alzheimer’s. There are better drugs for that--especially since the anti-psychotics weren't working. Another woman took the doctor to court for malpractice, and won. She was let out, but only after months of legal battle. Another woman who was perfectly normal, was sent to the insane asylum. I could see that many of these people were being drugged out of spite. They weren’t there because they were crazy. They were there because the doctor wanted them there.

The resident psychiatrist said I would be staying in the mental ward for an indefinite period, since I was CRAZY. I thought my entrapment over and decided to kiss the doctor's pasty, atheist ass. I told him whatever he wanted to hear. I stopped talking about eastern religions--namely Hinduism and Buddhism. I stopped talking about Kundalini, chakras and enlightenment. Out of the need for survival, I admitted to the doctor that I was wrong. I should think instead abut getting a job, a house, a car and a girlfriend. He heard my story...maybe twice. Do you know what? I was out of the hospital in SIX DAYS!

Let me tell you something else. While I was there, that same psychiatrist raped a female patient. She took him to court and lost, because she was considered "crazy". Just a minute! Does being crazy give somebody the right to rape you? I guess that's what psychiatrists think of crazy people. They are stupid and religious. They deserve to get raped, fucked up, fucked over, and fucked off.

I realized those two men were old, jealous atheists/materialists with no local clout and nothing to do about it. They believed that psychosis was actually the atavism of man's primitive nature. Therefore, psychiatric patients were less than human. They spent their time telling their religious patients they were sick and primitive. If those patients did not give up their convictions in the name of mental health, they were drugged without a fair evaluation, kept for an indefinite stay, and sometimes put in the mental institution. To them, we were all just dumb apes.

Now about materialism in Buddhism. I realize the Buddha was a sage and not a god, and that Buddhism is essentially atheistic, but this misses the point. The people who are turning Buddhism into materialism ARE the hard-core, Christian-hating atheists. The really insecute, stupid kind. The kind who were traumatized during childhood over the non-existence of God, and Santa Claus. The kind who's kids think the Satanic Bible is a good read. The kind who have been trying to put anti-Christmas billboards up throughout the Bible Belt. The kind who think God LOOKS like Santa Claus (even though nobody has that concept of God except them). The kind who have that good, old-fashioned hate for religion. Sort of like a Satan-worshipper, only better, because Satan isn’t real.

I know who these people are. I should, since I was raised a Protestant, and I am involved in several other Eastern religions--ALL of which incur the same atheist/materialist wrath. Christianity? You loser! Hinduism? Fairy-worshiper. Buddha? He never existed, you fool. And if you worship Satan, you ACTUALLY believe in Santa Claus! I have encountered these people on a regular basis. I have been drugged and at their mercy. I know how they think. THESE are the people behind what is happening in Buddhism today.

You see, atheist-materialists think there are only two kinds people in the world: Christians and atheists. These two groups are natural enemies. If you are a Christian, you hate atheists. If you are an atheist, you hate Christians. They see NOBODY else. If you are ANY religion, you are a Christian. "We proved it. Quit crying like a baby and get over yourself." To these fuckers, dualism is meditation. It’s like southern white folks versus the negro. If they could have separate schools and bathrooms, they would. If they could beat you with a stick, nobody would be left alive.

Worse yet, these idiots think the only TRUE atheist is a materialist, and vice-versa. Anybody who isn't BOTH atheist and materialist gets treated like a Christian, even if it is an atheistic religion like Buddhism. We are seen as mental patients who need heavy drug-treatment. NOW! Before we make new religious wars, in the name of SANTA! MUAHAHAHAAA!! (They also have no trouble believing in the aliens that SETI never finds, while debunking the abduction phenomena they never witness, and accepting grant money for that kind of research.)

The reason they are picking on Buddhism is simple. For them, it is the path of least resistance. Buddhism is an atheistic religion, and this makes the job of infiltration simple. Just introduce materialism to Buddhism and POW! You have a psychotherapist's dream. You have an atheistic, materialistic, PSYCHIATRIC religion! Made to order, with all the grease you want! Just repackage it under the guise of Modern Buddhism and you've resurrected the whole 1970's psychotherapy cult (which didn't help anybody, by the way). Junk food for the soul! (This is not wrong in their eyes, since there is no such thing as a soul.)

What does this mean? It means they have stolen what is, in their warlike minds, OUR ammunition. Now they can fight against us on our own territory. This is so they can destroy their enemy, religion, from within it’s own ranks. The atheist-materialist aim is to destroy religion by transforming us into their own image! To kill us by turning us into THEM!

The end result of this manipulation is that Buddhism is no longer Buddhism. It has become nothing more than repackaged garbage. Don't tell me that conspiracies don't exist. Look in the dictionary. The fact that Buddhism has been destroyed from within, can only be a manipulation. Those who are guilty of perpetuating it, want us to think it is normal, perhaps the "evolution" of Buddhism.

One very evil example of an atheist/materialist would be James Randi, an old-world buzzard who upholds a nasty 1950's attitude towards the paranormal. Now, think about this: All fair games can be won by chance. This is a fact of nature! Therefore, the fact that nobody has claimed the $1M by accident, is proof of cheating. What would you think if the rules of dice were constructed so you could NEVER win by accident? Any "reason" for it would be an admission of cheating! Why would James Randi cheat? Well, if he really believes that nobody will win the $1M, why doesn’t he donate it to charity where it will be useful? Instead if sitting in a vault, gathering dust. Why? because the crook wants to be rich rather than good. Just look at the hardened expression on his Wikipedia photo. The man is evil. His group and others have a vendetta against all forms of religion and the paranormal. It does not matter if those religions may be atheistic, like Buddhism. There are many similar zealots who have formed groups around their own false thinking. They are all atheist, materialist, militant and uphold a foul hate for religion.

I think the inevitable outcome will be the unthinkable. If these men are successful, and they will be, there will be no accurate record of Buddhism (or any religion) left. You will go to a Buddhist temple, and they will teach MATERIALISM. How does materialism even pass for Buddhism? How does it pass for ANY KIND of religion? Are people totally stupid? I am telling you, the old-world atheists are destroying religion. They have been working on this for decades. It is not just possible, it is happening, now!

Also, don’t be fooled by people who say there is no such thing as good and evil. If a criminal told you, there is actually no such thing as crime...would you believe him? The only people who might benefit by claiming this, are the people who commit those same acts of evil. Life is not just survival. It includes people who lie, chat, steal, kill and destroy, for their own personal profit or entertainment. It also includes people who are willing to tell the TRUTH in view of these things.

As a side note, I realize some poor, gullible fools think that adapting Jung's theories will make psychology turn spiritual. Trust me, psychology is anything but spiritual. New-age Yoga freaks have no idea what they are buying into. Jung is a cult, as are all sects of psychology and psychiatry.

By the way, I'm not on medication and I'm not seeing a psychiatrist anymore. The last psychiatrist I went to, said I was normal. Wow! Really? Fuck you, shrink! I'm WAY better off than any of you could ever hope to be. Anyway, I just wanted to explain why I know materialism is evil. This has been my personal encounter with evil, and what I learned from it. Predators are everywhere. Thanks for reading, and be careful out there.

You might be interested in Robert Whitaker´s book "Anatomy of an Epidemic". I haven´t read it yet but it seems to be a good read.

While there are many people who have fallen for the "medicate everything" philosophy, there are also many who have not. There has been no era of human civilisation that was not flawed. We are talking about human existence after all, which is not on a high spiritual plane. One has to reduce one's exposure to this evil propaganda by avoiding TV and other MSM outlets, by thinking deeply and developing a spiritual practice.

I found an interesting video on YouTube this morning by the late Dr. Abrahm Hoffer,a psychiatrist who specialized in orthomolecular medicine. He tells of his psychedelic research that led to the discovery that many forms of mental illness (including: ADHD, Depression, and Schizophrenia) are the result of modern malnutrition caused by the over-consumption of literally toxic food. His treatment included several factors, most important of which was the prescribed use of Niacin (vitamin B3). Also, he criticizes the medical profession for doing the bidding of big pharma at the expense of other research that may not be as profitable.

Here is the link: Natural Cure for Depression, Bipolar, ADHD, Schizophrenia. Dr. Abrahm Hoffer


Something must be done to change the system. First we need to make people aware of the mess we are in. Of all the poisons (asravas) that affect the human heart, ignorance is the most pernicious.

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