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December 04, 2014


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Electric Black:

In Buddhism people are divided into those who are worldly, the prithagjana, and those who are arya or spiritual (ones who have entered the stream to nirvana). There are also icchantika who deny the awakened nature or Buddha-nature. Buddhism's main demon is Mara the Evil One who is our psycho-physical body. These demons do not like the light or even talk of it and above all they don't like the idea that our true nature is undying (that which animates our mortal body is undying). What they hate most is that meditation is a means to this light which is an eternal essence. A person of light can easily sense another of light.

In Jewish philosophy there is a word for people who do not have a self, because they deny the True Self. It is Klippoth, which means rind or husk, as in something empty. It is a word that is used to refer to DEMONS. I have often thought the modern denial of the existence of demons was because, people nowadays are turning into them! Demons can be humans, meaning a very, very evil person. If this is what controls religion and society, then it explains why there is so much suffering in the world. We are being taught by a bunch of evil, formless non-souls who want to make us just as deficit as they are.

Electric Black:

I guess you might call it ironic, but the very principle of animation, the âtman, is denied by these people. It's somewhat like a radio denying the radio signal because it is not like its transistors, etc.

I apologize for posing so much. Your meditation is working out 20 years of study for me and I have to share it somewhere. I think that soon I will not need technical knowledge to understand these things. I am already starting to achieve them! Allright, what is wrong with people? Why won't they even TRY this meditation? It is the only true shortcut to enlightenment I have found, and I am VERY hard to please... I guess I can only say to the people who will not try this... you are seriously going to Buddhist hell for many millions of years, because you have rejected everything you professed to believe. I am not inclined to sympathize, either. You realize you will suffer excruciating torment for your deliberate attempts to prevent others from knowing the truth. You will suffer. You are guilty of trying to destroy the Rainbow Bridge to Enlightenment! I will be surprised if there is any restitution for this action! There probably is none!

After further study I believe I have identified the misinformation which was confusing me. I see the Buddha taught that the illusion of self (the false concept of self, not the Atman) and the illusion of reality are both identical and therefore both are samsara. It is unfortunate some schools teach that consciousness IS the absolute, when it is only a factor thereof. What I did not understand before is that the concept of consciousness is also an illusion, for all things are simply One in the absolute. This is more in line with what the experience of the absolute has actually been for me. Something which is BEYOND anything we know of in the earthly realm.

It seems that Buddhism, Hinduism and Qabalism are one in their goal, but they divide the absolute differently and describe the process in different ways. While Buddhism sees all Atman as One, Hinduism identifies Atman as the local manifestation of Brahman, which is absolute. Therefore Atman is absolute. Qabalism separates three further qualities of the absolute or Kether, which are before Kether, and these are Ain, Ain-Soph, and Ain-Soph-Aur. They are the part of the absolute which is actually totally unexpressible except to say 'non-being created being'. So in Buddhist terms I am seeing the Atman, in Hindu terms my Atman is merging with Brahman, and in Qaballistic terms I am seeing the Ain through unity with Kether.

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