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December 21, 2014


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Re: NDE and "coming back to life" op cit., there are numerous accounts of clinical death in a controlled setting such as hospital environment, where people revived from clinical death (heart and brain activity ceased). Just as there are surprisingly large numbers of scientists and members of the medical profession who privately remain interested in pursuing paranormal studies, who do not speak up because of so much pressure from their peers, but hold faith-based views or beliefs. Some have bravely looked into this question, much to the credit of science. Religious traditions also have accounts of this (even "voodoo" as Kantairon would say, which has been studied by science amid much distrust and scorn), and innumerable mystics have found through self inquiry striking similarities, even amongst or across doctrines and otherwise gaping religious divides. The spiritual Luddites of our age seek to pooh pooh mystical inquiry and fear the demolishing of their sacred scientific paradigms to the first principle of Zen.

Gui Do: thank you for sharing. Though I somehow doubt you will be gone for long, since perhaps underneath all that flamboyant attention seeking is a troubled spirit seeking the means to slay demons accumulated from nameless time, I will also leave you some compassionate advice. Just as when you approach a master of the martial arts, say, someone from a different school or style, you should not challenge them to test your skills against theirs as this is most impolite; instead you should ask for help or advice, or at the very least simply observe, and in this way you may learn something (or not) from another practitioner without bringing upon yourself embarrassment or strife, if your skills are unmatched. It is regrettable that you were not of a respectful mind to make more of this encounter, because there are few (in my opinion, and I think you will find this is a consensus view even where metaphysical or doctrinal differences arise) in the Buddhist blog sphere who has such depth and breadth of knowledge as the Zennist, who works so tirelessly to fulfill his vows. You harm only yourself by approaching others and the buddhadharma in such a reckless manner. My hope is you will come to realize the reason why you seem to get banned from discussions about Zen with a certain frequency is because you express no real insight and offer only scorn for those who do.

For the readers of this blog: The purpose of dissociative drugs is not to kill pain, but to make you forget what happened. Therefore, you forget your pain during surgery, and your dreams and everything else. These drugs prove it is possible to forget events which are extremely profound. That is why these drugs are used during surgery. A person can forget surgery, date rape, their past lives or anything else, and mistakenly believe it never happened. That is how the brain works. Be advised, Guido the Jesuit does NOT know the action of these drugs. He is NOT qualified to inform anybody about them. He also does not know anything about neuroscience and memory. I am extremely skeptical of most science, but I know when science tells us something that is backed up by experience. Also, I am not on any medications whatsoever. (Do Gas-X and Vitamin D count?) My psychiatrist took me off of medication years ago, because he said it was not working. So much for materialist science. I don't waste my money on that anymore.

Electric Black:

Check out the following: O. H. De A. Wijesekera, The Concept of Vinnana in Theravada Buddhism, [Journal of the American Oriental Society 84.3 (1964): 254--259].

Midazolam is also a very effective date rape drug. Kate Cox of The Sun-Herald writes (snip):

"It is very fast-acting, and very rapidly absorbed through mucous membranes. It blocks out your memory from even before you got it, so you go fuzzy and you don't remember anything."

Although they generally remain awake, police fear that many victims may fail to come forward because of this amnesiac effect.

Other drugs, such as ecstasy and alcohol, may also be mixed with the drug, making it difficult to identify."

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