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December 10, 2014


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Electric Black:

The Zennist has addressed this. But unless one is steeped in Hegel, it tends not to gain the interest of the blog reader.

"Absolute Mind (ekacitta) had to lose itself to find itself or put another way, because in itself there is no contrast or marks to be found, Mind opposed this by creating an illusory world of dependent originations. In this loss or non-knowledge (avidya) of itself, Mind found the only way possible by which it might recognize itself. It is by penetrating through the empty antithetical veil it had generated."

Believe me it works.

"It is better for you if you are skeptical of the conditioned world. Its purpose is to deceive everyone. However, there is still hope; it’s not too late to have faith that what animates your psychophysical body, is undying—the element of nirvana."

Truly inspiring encouragement. Thank you.

I guess the confusion stems from the use of language. You seem to be separating the illusion from it's source. I see a single stream flowing in the wrong direction. You can't just take the senses and cut them off. You have to fix the problem where it started. You have to reverse the steam.

It is not that people trust their senses too much. The problem is that people mistake where reality comes from. The senses are like a finger pointing to the moon. People assume they are an end in themselves. If observed honestly, the senses will lead us in the opposite direction from material reality. To the source, wherefrom the illusion springs. However, this is impossible for most humans to comprehend. The advice always ends in confusion because nobody understands that a paradox can literally be true.

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