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November 30, 2014


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Dear Gui Do,

I cannot speak for Bhikkhu Bodhi. It´s been a while since I read his book. Maybe you can skim through it and answer the question for yourself. It is available for free on accesstoinsight.

I have my own ideas but I am not ready yet to debate them. Just to give you a hint: In the Pali Suttas, the craving (thirst/tanha) for (conditioned) existence is as evil as the craving for non-existence (annihilation). The issue has something to do with our will (-power).

All the best

Happiness never decreases by being shared, gui do.

yeti, we both know that you are more obsessed by me than by zen. i'd suggest you talk about that with the therapist you claim to have in another blog. empty ad hominem rhetorics will only nourish your anger.

"Freed from the classification of form, Vaccha, the Tathagata is deep, boundless, hard to fathom, like the sea."
M.N. 72

"When all conditions are removed, All ways of telling are removed."
S.N. 1076

"How does Bhikkhu Bodhi get out of samsara when consciousness transmigrates?"

Gui do, if you do not understand, it would be better to wait and ask that question of maitreya rather than to risk casting aside this opportunity by leading others, besides yourself, into confusion.

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