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November 30, 2014


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The bottom line is that atheism and materialism are unable to destroy religion because they are too stupid to do it. This is because their random straw-man attacks have no basis in any belief system.

I realize that atheist and materialist trolls like to spread straw-man attacks on religious blogs. This is because they are too stupid to win an argument any other way. We have seen a large example of that in this thread.

On a side note, I have a question about Stephen Hawking. What kind of person does it take to believe that a retard is the smartest man alive? And I have another question. Who is dumb enough to expect ME to believe it?

Also, somebody needs to tell Gui Do that Italians can't be Buddhists. With a name like Guido he sounds more like Mario, Luigi and Guido. I think this explains why he smells like a TROLL.

Eisenkopf: It was "block-head", so it was a pun. But as you like to interpret literally (instead of metaphorically), you may have overlooked this. By the way, the pun can be applied to two names, as I just recognized.

If you need more arguments instead of rhetorics, read about Buddha's backache in MN 53:

"Ananda, speak to the Kapilavatthu Sakyans about the person who follows the practice for one in training. My back aches. I will rest it."

So the Buddha a) experienced common physical pain, b) stated this fact in words, c) had to take measures in its direction.

Even with the Buddha, the body trumped the power of his mind. I am pretty sure if he had been cancer-ridden most of his life, his teaching would have sounded different anyway. But if you are mostly healthy until your last mushroom (or pork) meal, it's easy for you to talk.

Anyway, it's all there, even in the Palicanon, if you read it completely.

Dear Guido,

your argumentum ad verecundiam is nullified by what you have written to the Zennist previously in this thread.

Only sophists call conservative buddhists blockheads.

I don´t know much about Mahayana, but according to the chittamatra school, absolute truth is inexpressible. When we communicate (and want to make sense), we use the relative truth. This includes of course concepts and terms like annihilation and existence.

All the best

A trained parrot could screech the Buddhadharma with greater wisdom than you do, gui do. Please put a hood over your head so we can have some peace and quiet.

Of course happiness decreases, as everything. This is called impermanence.

Eisenkopf: You do not crave for "annihilation" when awakening happens. The concept of annihilation simply disappears, as that of "existence".

Between Buddhadasa Bhikkhu and Bhikkhu Bohdi (Jeffrey Block) there is more than a hairbreadth difference, from Zen point of view. Buddhadasa adapted a Zen view while translating its literature. This is, in my opinion, decisive. Only block-heads go on to take the Palicanon literally.

Instead, the zen-monk Ryokan said: "Wordless is the mystery of this stage where I find myself;
Directly that mystery reaches my idle teeth, it breaks up." Therefore, it cannot be found in the Palicanon - but outside of it, by transcending it.

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