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November 19, 2014


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In the here and now not even impermanence exists, thus no suffering (no suffering related to impermanence). It is often misunderstood. Falling out of the here and now leads to that kind of suffering. Falling out means to be in a dualistic state of mind. Inside the here-and-now state there exists no problem, viewed from the outside a problem is created and applied.

"But what about the countless other tomatoes that we can’t see? Do they not exist?"

In the here and now, the answer is no, they don't exist. They exist as a thought; but what do they taste like? What do they look like? What do they smell like?

Is the here and now NOT the spiritual world? Can't the spiritual world be found in the here and now? Do we need to concern ourselves with the ghost worlds where the unseen tomatoes are growing?

Isn't the focus on the Here and Now intended to help us see and experience the world wherein the spiritual world is to be found? To reassure us that it is not in some other place, but here...in the moment...in the tomatoes?

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