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November 25, 2014


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Besides, if there were no difference between being and becoming, then a seeker would become a Buddha as soon as he started talking like you.

You are missing the point. If half an infinite number of tangerines is still infinite, then it is possible for samsaric beings to achieve enlightenment.

As I see it, discriminating any form of becoming, whether nil or 8, is itself a departure from truth. Truth does not exist conditionally and cannot be numbered, named or reckoned into any description, because then we have a description, number or name, and not the self nature which brings such things into being, even non things like horns on a hare, division by zero, multiplication by infinity, and all such paradox. The dream experience may not obey laws of physics, logic, or the order of reality as understood while waking, yet is definable in a conditional way as "real"; and yet the experience upon waking is that all which occurred in the dream was unreal, or at least not real as understood to the mind awakened. Thus it is neither real nor unreal this dream, because the terms of reality are conditional, fluid, and shaped by false habits of discrimination.

If you take a wave and make it infinitely short, it's peak would meet it's trough and they would cancel. It would stop being a wave. Therefore, zero and infinity are the same thing. This is why the universe is like a dream. Ironically, in becoming zero, the wave that is NOT has become absolute. Enlightenment is infinitely far, but it is as close as the moment. If we could see the illusory nature of our perceptions, we would look to their origin for the answer. That origin, I think, is where the Yin and the Yang meet to become the Void.

Half of an infinite number of tangerines is still infinite.

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