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October 19, 2014


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When someone is able to understand that chopping wood (or writing a blog) is the path of zen, and when he can do it like the path of zen (without differentiating in a before and after) than indeed he does not have to do preliminary work. Not everyone has Pang's problems. If someone can dump his possessions in a sea like him, this is also actualizing zen (non-attachment). If one can do it on the spot, there is no difference to Pang's actualization of enlightenment. In the Palicanon a lot of people were just enlightened through hearing the Buddha speak. I'd rather say we can judge a zen parrot by not finding his own words and only relying on quotes, and by not putting insight into action like getting rid of riches. We must acknowledge that there are humans who never heard of zen but still got it. They may have actually gotten it through repetitive tasks in which they got totally aborbed during their daily life. For some of us, there is no necessary curriculum.

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