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October 12, 2014


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Gui Do:

Last I read, Goethe requested that his servant let in “more light.” For the many, the prithagjana, who have never experienced the light of Mahayana, I am sure some will do their best to try and debunk it. That's expected. For those who are open to it, it is quite amazing. One understands what the Buddha was trying to say. He was no materialist.

I guess Goethe, the famous German writer, unconsciously made fun of that, when his last words were: "More light! More light!"

Actually, that happened to me. Light or luminosity only happens when you have set your mindframe to it. If not, if there are no expectations or remnants of what one once heard or read, nothing like that is to be expected. Light has not more truth in it than black holes. But as there was no knowledge of the importance of this "darkness" in the universe, metaphors in old zen literature referred to the power of the sun. Those metaphors should be outdated or handled with care.

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