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October 21, 2014


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My understanding of Kant is poor, but I think the most important question he asked was: Are synthetical judgments (synthetische Urteile) a priori possible? Or in other words: "Is there anything new under the sun?"(The short answer is yes. If you are interested, don´t google it, work it out)

Schopenhauer complained that Hegel crossed the boundaries that Kant set up. For Schopenhauer, realising the noumenon (which is the will according to Schopenhauer, gained thru intropspection. The will is the thing-in-itself according to him) or transcendent is not the task of philosophy (reason does not "get it"), but rather thru mystical experiences. Schopenhauer, often misunderstood as a nihilist, does not deny the other world, he mereley did not say anything about it because he was a philosopher, not a mystic. For a proof, read the final words of "the world as will and representation, Vol I

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