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October 14, 2014


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That is also pretty much what Brahman is in the non-dual dharma of the Vedas, except that true self would not be sublimitable into terms or ideas or anything the mind fixes on in ignorance as a separate entity.

"Similar to a person who is not attached to external pleasures but enjoys happiness in the Atman (soul), the person who perceives Brahman in everything feels everlasting joy." (B.G. 5.21)

"In half a couplet I state, what has been stated by scores of texts; that is  Brahman alone is real, the world is mithyā (not independently existent),
and the individual self is non-different from Brahman."
Adi Shankara in Vivekacūdāmani

Kantairon, could you be a bit more explicit? I can't find the Tony Page you're talking about.
I doubt that anyone who studied Buddhism would say that the "true self" is Buddhism's name for God. "Emptiness" or rather "The Law of Causation" might qualify...sorry, just joking around. As I understand it, even the word "god" has a different meaning in Mahayana Buddhism than the Western concept of a supreme being. There is no Unmoved Mover, no Other. In Buddhism cause and effect operate, and have operated, forever. At the center of creativity and extinction is the infinite regress. Ultimately, you either fight it or go along with it...and it's easier to surf the waves than go to war with the sea.

Dr. Tony Page says that the "True Self" is actually Buddhism's name for God...

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