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August 17, 2014


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As to the no mind thing from Cleary, I should hope that discernment is readily distinguished from the habits of (dualistic) discrimination in thought that lead one to mistake the mind of self identification with the recognition of truth as it is. I think if we look at monkey thought as pattern, something which is going on and has been going on for centuries along a specific groove, shaped as it were by habits and molds that are quite vast, it becomes possible at a certain point to discern the individuation of this thought into a sense of (false) self from the a priori recognition that we are thinking at all. I only make this point because it seems many people identify monkey thought as "theirs" when it is no more "theirs" than the clothes we wear or the land we think we own. Thus, it appears in order to know truth, we must first discern quite wholly and completely this dense screen of false thinking before it is possible to recognize that which is, as it is, beyond any measure or image. For this reason I confess certain perplexity at those who hold a gnostic or cataphatic affirmation of truth. How can such a thing be preconceived or discerned when it is that doing the discerning?

"Critics of Mazu's thought fail to see this point" - Zongmi included?

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