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July 31, 2014


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Bodhidharma: "do not be afraid, it is the light of your true nature"

Zen Master Ejo writes about the "treasury of light"

Linji spoke of the "solitary light"

the Buddha of the Pure Land tradition is called "Infinite Light"

The unconditioned is what you are when you stop trying to see or not see it.

The act of seeking is the act of avoidance since that which seeks id that whose prominence is hiding that which is sought.

Inversion is a good description. Imagine two seats. If you sit in one seat you are the seeker. If you sit in the other seat you are the sought and can see you are also the seeker.

When you are ready it's 'easy' to move between seats. When you are not ready it is frustrating. I think of it as a safety mechanism. Moving seats means a change of view and seeing everything that has been hidden. Sometimes things are best hidden and sometimes not. It's a matter of timing.

I don't think I've been very clear but experience tells me that everyone has their own time and forcing things causes problems.

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