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July 25, 2014


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Comedy as I recognize it it Zen is when a Buddhist nun (a friend of mine) stays over night at in Zen temple in S.F. sleeping in another nun's bed only, late that night, to be awakened (no pun intended) by a Zen priest trying to mount her! It was a case of mistaken identity.


When you take Zen seriously you are taking yourself seriously. When you can see the comedic aspects then you are taking your self less seriously. An inability to see the comedy inherrent in Zen is a good sign that there is still work fo do.

Everyone I know who has gone on this path to beyond where you are now always have a certain lightness and playfulness about them EVEN IF they still dress up and do the whole monk thing.

My name and email here are both koan-like to question this seriousness you hold.

Consider "Om nom nom"

"om" is the western version of the classic meditation sound one is supposed to use.

"Om nom nom" is the sound the Cookie monster makes when eating a cookie. Always wanting a cookie, relishing the ones he wants, frustrated when he has to wait. A happy hungry ghost perhaps?

But even with a jokey name you still saw a serious side to me.

In the end what is attained?
In the end what has been lost?
In the end what has been gained?
Who is it that wants to be 'special'?
Who is it that wants to experience 'extraordinary'?

But you can't deny that is a great comic.

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