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June 25, 2014


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All of this presupposes there are unseen (subreal) forces or a "hidden" dimension of reality which poses no conflict with concept or any other means of envisioning normal reality (samsara) as it manifests. If you are talking about it at all, you have created a reality in which there is something to discuss. Beneath it though, hidden behind it, underpinning such mechanisms or modes: this is where I would look. Not at the surface where ordinary reality and its relative autonomy makes sense.


"Noble suffering on a spiritual path" is just making a fetish of suffering. I was caught by it once - limping around for six weeks with a torn ligament gave me time to consider it most thoroughly!

Sometimes suffering is unavoidable and sometimes its not. This evening I went for a lovely stroll and found myself wondering about lots of things including what if anything to write here.

I went for that stroll to enjoy it and to allow myself to be unencumbered by any requirement to be in a particular way. Not worrying about the 'Now' or nihilism or duck meditation or "poor me" suffering or anything else, just creating space to be without fear of doing it wrong.

I've done a few walks like this because currently i'm having lots of nightmares. The nightmares help me to face some things that are not pleasant. They are arising because of the things I choose to face and the path I choose to take. They are a PITA, I don't need to dress them up with abstract concepts such as nobility. I don't mention them to anyone ITRW.

One day I hope to travel to Tassajara but as a tourist, not a Zen student. I quite like the idea of seeing what it is that Zen students are missing out on by spending 8 hours a day staring at walls.

Anyway, a great book is "http://www.amazon.com/Suffering-Optional-Myth-Innocent-Bystander/dp/0917790014/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1403894173&sr=1-2&keywords=suffering+is+optional" It's psychology not zen but xo.

So did I ruin my walk to write this? Did I go through some noble suffering to do this? Or did I just think "Well, this wasn't what I had planned for this walk but this walk was unplanned so what should I do about it." in the end it looks like I've decided to write something after eating another amazing salad.

Om nom nom writes: "Can it be known - as an object-observer or experientially or not at all?"

Speaking of Hegel, 'absolute knowing' is the unity of subject and object. Both coincide with each other perfectly.

The phenomenology of the Spirit ( a spiritual Odissey ) starts with a rough materialism ... a new age "being in the present moment" which is for Hegel the lowest, earliest, most primitive form of knowing

through a long evolution, finally, Spirit no longer identifies itself with this or that thing, tihs or that thought, this or that idea, this or that way of living, etc.

instead it finally sees itself as Spirit

for Hegel, the final stage of the development of the spirit was achieved through Christianity. In Christ, the speculative truth is made manifest in that the Absolute spirit ( =God) becomes a mere human being, a carpenter from Nazareth

thus, through the medium of Christ, one is able to "see Spirit" directly - as Spirit embodied , and thus one can realize that oneself is spirit

in Hegel, Christ acts as a Mirror through Spirit can see itself

Om Nom Nom wrote: "I think your running back into the warm embrace of concepts and running away from the conceptless place."

I think you're the one running away from concepts into the warm embrace of New-Age spiritual nothingness.

it's easier to "just be in the present moment" like a duck than actually suffering through all that has to be suffered in order to grow spiritually

What is our true nature?
Can it be known - as an object-observer or experientially or not at all?

Samsara is the fight against what-is, creation of self through opposition not-is-ness!

As I sit here, if I removed the six senses what would remain? Would it have awareness? Is my true nature entirely independent of external stimuli? Is it nothing more than that which appears to arise when external stimuli?

You miss one very important point. Living "in the now" CAN be nihilistic BUT it doesn't have to be.

What if our true nature is nothing? What if life is meaningless? What if we are not any different from blue-jays? What if nihilism is nothing more than a samsaric concept? What if we add meaning into life because that is our nature and we do so knowing it's meaningless?

I think your running back into the warm embrace of concepts and running away from the conceptless place.

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