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June 26, 2014


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At death the personality disappears before the physical body. Therefore your personality is not your physical body. If they were the same then they would disappear together. Every death proves it. People like Om nom nom may argue the point but arguments do not change reality.

I bumped into an old flame at the mall yesterday. "Wow, you look amazing! Have you lost weight" I asked. "No" she said "I've just left my body at home because it was making me look fat". Clearly this never happens.

Experientially it is true that there is something I can call "me" and something that I can call "not-me". The problem is that the degree of me/not-me-ness varies throughout the day. Sometimes not-me-ness includes this body and sometimes it does not. Sometimes there's no awareness of me-not-me-ness. Sometimes it's very strong. If this old flame had turned up with her real body it would have been very strong.

There is a natural tendency to split everything into me-not-me but that can become problematic. I'm planning a nice butternut squash salad for lunch, it feels like a really good idea whereas a sub does not. Who is it that wants this and thinks this? I suspect that my body is short of potassium or other nutrients and is chasing sources of them. But how is it that the needs of my body can be felt so directly as arising from me if it is not in some way me.

So like Nagarjuna I'm somewhat suspicious that something which can appear and disappear can have an inherent existence especially when it never appears on its own.

I don't know what is real and true. I know what things feel like. I also know where some of these paths take you. Too much me-not-me-ness and you become a jerk. Too little me-not-me ness and you will not function very well ITRW. However, the amount of me-not-me-ness that is optimal for any given moment varies. I stopped worrying about the 'right' way to 'experience' reality or what reality _actually_ is a long time ago. Doctrines live in another realm. Incidentally I still haven't ruled out The Matrix......

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