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June 26, 2014


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@Om nom nom

Why should I prove the sky is blue?

I believe in Occam's Razor, and the simplest explanation is not your explanation.

If you want to believe that magic words like consciousness and emergence can suddenly make a cold body turn into a living person, then fine.

I guess you could be a zombie or an animated corpse.

Don't be surprised if that kind of thing answers all the questions people have. I know it's answered my questions about you, and your science.

@Electric Black

Sigh! Did you miss the point where I said that your belief may be true but it's also unprovable.

Even if you had represented my viewpoint accurately and even if you'd not made these massive inferential leaps and false comparisons and even if you could string words together well enough to pass muster in a high school philosophy class you'd still be missing the fundamental point - that what you seek to prove cannot be proven by stringing together words into some magical form. It cannot even be proven through science (although science can add more weight to one side of the debate).

So let's be clear. I _believe_ that consciousness is an emergent phenomena. That I guess makes me more materialist than spiritualist if you wish to categorise things in such a way. I was once in fact a strong spiritualist but somehow after shitloads of meditation and shitloads of science I find myself more in the materialist camp, perhaps Rebirth rather Reincarnation if you want to put things in Zennish terms.

And the starting point for that move from spiritualist-ish to materialist-ish was neuroscience and this bit of Zen:

"a special transmission outside the scriptures,
not founded upon words and letters.
by pointing directly to one's mind,
It lets one see into one's own true nature and thus attain buddhahood."

How the hell does that work _IF_ it's real (in some form)?

So I choose to believe one thing and not another. You choose to believe something different to me. That's fine.

@Om nom nom

If consciousness is an emergent phenomena then, under similar circumstances, it is capable of re-emergence.

That would be reincarnation.

Otherwise you are claiming that repeatability is impossible.

While no two snowflakes are alike, each one is still a snowflake. Therefore, how many lives is it possible to have?

Thank-you for providing evidence for my point.

@Electric Black
But never the other way around! So either what you say is true or consciousness is an emergent phenomena - like a heartbeat!

"arguments do not change reality" - true. And that reality has not been established by either of us. We are both interpreting phenomena.

Satre was a chick-magnet and his epic of "Being and Nothingness" was a little dry.

Maybe you should worry more about Pharrel! http://youtu.be/y6Sxv-sUYtM

" don't know what is real and true. I know what things feel like. I also know where some of these paths take you. Too much me-not-me-ness and you become a jerk. Too little me-not-me ness and you will not function very well ITRW."

I see. Tell me, who wrote this [crapola]? Your mother? Father? Long lost pet? or..don´t tell me...The computer itself did it!?

Friend, you seem to suffer periodic flashes of existentialistic angst. You [the one ignorant of true self] shouldn´t read this blog. You should devour existential nihilists like Jean-Paul Sartre or similar.LOL

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