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June 02, 2014


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Nice article. I think about compassion alot as of late. A few days ago I thought: "If ultimate reality is spotless stillness, then any and all activity is pure compassion."

Of course we differentiate between the many kinds of activity. Activity carried out by a pure mind and activity carried out by a defiled mind are bound to yield different results, the defiled mind being obstructed and self-centered, and the pure mind being liberated and compassionate, though, in the sense of the ultimate: the imageless stillness of nirvana is thus, and activity is its compassionate function.

Indeed, even the five skandhas are only pure compassion!

But, of course, that will be rejected by most minds, and I myself have long looked upon the skandhas as bondage, but in shifting my contemplation and perception into seeing them as compassion, the friction has somewhat lessened, and my looking has broadened.

Yes, the desire and aspiration for realizing pure Mind must outweigh and/or extinguish the desire for the physical body including our thoughts and emotions!

"Three gateways to liberation (vimokkha-mukha) lead to escape from the world, namely: that the mind is contemplating all formations as limited, and is rushing forward to the condition-less element (animitta-dhātu); that the mind is stirred with regard to all formations of existence, and is rushing forward to the desire-less element (appanihita-dhātu); that the mind sees all things as something foreign, and is rushing forward to the void element (suññatā-dhātu)."

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