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May 13, 2014


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n. yeti I think the main point of "faith" is to realize one's own limitations!

In the nirvana sutra, buddha states: "we say that unsurpassed Awakening has faith as its cause. The causes of Awakening are innumerable, but if stated as faith, this covers everything."

Faith can be misunderstood. As I realize faith, it is not a static state, neither an external object or concept of devotion, which has efficacy only as it arises and can be recognized as mind. Rather, it is a dynamic system where both dhyana and devoted study coincide toward the raising of faith. I feel that many times people can lose the link to this incipient rising of spiritual purpose amid so much dogma and method seeking.

I think it is always worth remembering the original purpose of approaching the spiritual path, because this often nameless arising of "something" (I call it faith) has enormous power to convey the earnest seeker through the countless obstacles along the way. People turn zen into something terribly complex. I find faith in the simplicity of practice, and retreat to faith amid this maelstrom of samsara.

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