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May 18, 2014


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Although staring right at IT, their eyes are wide shut to the reality and dark luminousity of their true nature.
It is with this grave spiritual deficiency at heart,  they love to slander the dharma and anyone  propagating its profound  simplicity,  that rests single mindedly in the immutable reality of Nirvana at all times.
To escape the cause and origin of this deficiency, they invent and refer to a pre-set rule-book of social and moral principles, declared sacrosanct in the complex web of their skandhic prison-world.

Anyone breaking said rules, trying to shake them up from their deep slumber, in which they dream of and live an endless stream of desires, conviently suitable gods and devils, is seen as an imposter and ostracised as such.  All this to protect their  hive of the interdependent collective delusion, known as samsara.
You and I know who "they" are. These putthugjanas do not alter what they consider to be a good game, despite their enchanted attachement to their suffering skandhic matrix, or more correctly, refuse to accept what stares back at them from the mirror of their confused psyche´s in their daily strife to convince themselves that the false reality they conjure up as the go about is true, and the true reality escaping their clogged spiritual eye is false.
I admire your most  compassionate attempts to awake them despite their continuous resistance in so many colorful ways.  You surely keep a vow  you took in the presence of the Tathagata,  countless lives ago. 

You have my deepest respect.

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