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April 24, 2014


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"From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs."
Karl Marx
For over decade now I have observed the swift decay of Buddhism in the west, and in the east (China, Thailand and Japan) during my travels. Sure there are some few places with old mystics practising the good dharma in solitude, but they are rapidly dying off leaving a void behind them rapidly filled up by the stench of materialistic ignorance.
I am awestruck by the insecurity and laziness dominating, and in a way paralyzing todays youth, bringing out the worst in them where there could be something more really profound.
To borrow from Karl Marx, one could say that their spiritual abilities are really low, or even non-existent, and their need of awakening from the nightmarish realities of samsara, equally absent.
In ten or twenty  more years, when we "old-timers" and lovers of the good dharma have left this world-realm, my bet is the Buddhadharma will be like buried fossils of what once was a dinosaur. Future "Buddhists", by picking the bones of a once magnificent creature walking this earth, will determine and practise a Buddhism, based on the futile observation of a few remaining bones of a ghost from the past.

All good "paleontologists" will be dead and gone. Left will be nothing more than starving internet forum crows, with no abilities and much less genuine need of true gnosis, using these bones to calm their volatile senses and every day lives in a dog-eat-dog world. 

Woe to the poor souls born into such a world. 

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