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March 20, 2014


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I like Heidegger, Methexis. Don't get me wrong. But quoting someone is a form of duality and a means to disguise reality from ourselves.

N. Yeti: "...und ich würde sagen: kein Mensch ist ohne Religion, und jeder Mensch ist gewisser Weise über sich hinaus, das heisst, verrückt."

Methexis, you will not offend my religion because I do not have one.

(@Neti-neti) I used to get too drunk at times ... one night I drank a whole bottle of Russian Vodka and provoked or attempted to troll, if you will, some advanced Bodhisattvas, and so they concluded I must be insane.

I'm not denying that because, to be honest, I don't even know if mental illness exists. In fact, it doesn't:


It might be a social construct used to control people. I'm not a revolutionary but it's pretty obvious that the psychiatrist, the priest and the government official or policeman are all doing the same job.

Anyway, what they call mental illness is just a radical insistence on brutal honesty.

I maintain that the spiritual traditions are built on marketing, and that hagiography is an ancient version of Photoshop. That's why it would be good if people read a few books on marketing strategies before embarking on the so called spiritual quest!

The Zennist and Stuart Lachs have done a lot of good to show that a lot of history of Zen is Photoshopped.

Now, the Zennist seems to admit that a good portion of religion is just a con, while there is still the pristine, spiritual core. He might be right, I don't know. I have my doubts, but I better not continue or I will disrespect people's religion here.

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