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March 27, 2014


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I'm with your realizations, cloudless. very nice.

I think what you're saying is not to mistake the dream for the dreamer. When this dream ends, the dreamer still remains. Everything in this life and all lives are one big dream. But who is dreaming it? The answer is Me. Who am I? The consciousness that is aware at this moment. Not the thought that speaks with words, but the awareness itself. Everything but the awareness itself changes moment by moment. It may experience multiple lives and hidden dimensions, but these are all dreams. When we can stop the thinking mind for a moment we can isolate the subjective essence that witnesses the body and mind. It's always here, but hidden in plain sight by our thoughts and feelings that I am this body and mind and not the consciousness that brings the whole dream into existence.

Reality is an infinite and eternal stream of consciousness. Perfect the way it is. Perception changes, but the total is perfect and complete. Mind views itself as a limited being in Space and time then suffering occurs. If consciousness identified with the totality of existence instead of one slice of it, it wouldn't fear dying or anything else. It would understand that everything is perfect and that everything that happens and perceived is necessary for existence to be complete.

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