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March 31, 2014


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Mau, I don't know if you'll get enlightened, but at least you'll learn to sit in meditation well, which is a pretty good skill to learn in its own right.

Mau: Ha! It's like reading myself 4 years ago. I stayed in a Soto Temple and all I learned is that not having any free time is pretty good ( ... too much free time can be dangerous - if you have no free time, you basically don't have any problems, at least not the "existential" ie. imaginary kind).

Basically, travelling around the world to pursue genuine Dharma is chasing phantoms. Not travelling the world and still pursuing genuine Dharma is still chasing phantoms.

You're thinking "what next?" - but it doesn't occur to your to question this "next". What is it that set your trajectory? Why do you think that a Soto Temple is what you want, what you need? You've been duped! But that's OK. there's no alternative. As humans we're always duped. Our whole economy runs on it!

How important is a teacher? Home study is what I do right now, but I plan to stay at a soto temple for at least three months sometime next year. Any thoughts?

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