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February 26, 2014


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I always wonder why people never also emphasize observing the innumerable habitual reactions of the mind, which arise in all waking conditions, as well as in states of sleep/dreaming. These reactions shape the false opinionated self, and observing these also provides a most opportune moment to perceive conceptualization incept the very instant a question is present in the mind.

No magic implied I hope!

If I vacuum the carpet with an angry mind then my brain will associate the two so that the next time I vacuum it will be possible that the mind thinks "I should be angry now". The same goes for calm mind.

In fact I am aware I do specific training until the point arises where a particular stimuli results in a calm rather than an angry mind.

This is simply mind reflecting back on itself without need of an external agent or a storage device.

For people it is much more complicated. Sometimes too complicated to disentangle - like Indra's net.

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