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January 18, 2014


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Bodhiratna, there are diverse examples of awakening in Zen history with a unique combination of factors: among them long meditation, deep inquiry or some form of spiritual preparation, often a period of temporal troubles or acute pangs of karma, and then, the mystical component of something sudden -- a falling into a well, the crack of an earthen pot; in the quietude of meditative absorption (as I am sure you are fully aware) any sensory shock can take on immense dimensionality and pierce deep into the consciousness where the very essence of being is distilled. Perhaps it was from this well he drank; maybe the form was entirely incidental.

Good article!

I remember talking to a Zen master way back. He struggled to find the True Mind but gave up after the long exhaustive search. The heck with Zen, he said. Then as he opened a can of beer, he got great awakening! :-)

I still don't know what he saw. Must be the fermented oat/wheat he has been drinking, LOL

Probably, he saw the hua-to from the sound of opening beer can, who know!.......but one thing for sure, the Buddha Mind is pervasive, it is hidden but ever present. But these earthlings are mostly numb as a rock! :)


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