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January 30, 2014


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I guess it is impossible to explain the colour red to someone who is born blind. All conventional explanation would require a reference to that shared experience of red. For instance, red is the colour of blood. But such an explanation is useless to a person who has never (and is unable) to see red. I guess this relates to the trouble with explaining what the original mind is. Unless I have experienced it, no amount of explanation would make sense to me.

The internet is filled to the brink with exceedingly bad interpretations of the Buddhas original message, and basically useless allegorical excursions, of what is a fundamentally flawed understanding of said buddhadharma.

What you presented here is a small masterpiece. It is the closest I have seen anyone point to the dharma, during our modern times, in terms of choosing a specific group of conceptual patterns to describe what cannot be described, about what a good student of the way has to do in order to SEE what Buddha Gautama saw in his first great awakening under the bodhi tree.


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