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December 12, 2013


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Actually Zen is in a pretty good state now. There are those around in the mainstream who are teaching direct from the root of an ongoing experience of buddha-nature and mystical shit. There are even more beyond the mainstream, unsung and profoundly aware, teaching those who find them.

But eventually you adapt and this specialness and mysticalness drops away and what is left is ordinary, mundane and also mystical. As about as exciting as the opposable thumb that helps you drink the first cup at breakfast. At the same time as wonderful as the first kiss on a moonlit night.

But the flipside is seeing deeply that mental health and mental illness are just manifestations of a belief that there is a right way for a mind to be. Your true nature might not fit into either category.

You take the blue/red pill and you wake up into a trip that never ends. But beneath it all something else, solid, serene and grounded.

Nirvana is samsara. BOTH are tripping. There is nothing left to cling to. What is real? What is certain? You can kiss that goodbye.

Going swimming and being a fish are different things.

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