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December 23, 2013


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One *sees* the absolute? With the eyes one sees it? One feels it? One hears it? With *what* does one "see" it, I wonder? (I'm giving you grief for Christmas, just kidding, but you "see" how hard it is to describe this in words...).

Chris Talbott: The Middle Way refers to the arya-ashtanga-marga (noble eightfold way). The 'Dharma by the middle' refers to the transcendence of 'all exists'(sabbam atthī) and 'all does not exist' (sabbaṃ natthī’) which is the true substance, or the same, the true essence. Buddhism is not metaphysical in the sense of being speculative. Rather it is mystical. There is an actual awakening that occurs by which one sees the absolute.

This seems very confused. I do not see anything reified in the teachings. Zen in particular re-emphasizes this attitude. The middle way implies not resting in either substance or non-substance. Transcendence in Buddhadhamma seems to me precisely the rejection of the metaphysical stance that you seem to be stating here.
If you can improve my understanding, I would be grateful.

As Ram Dass says - you want to "know" the absolute. You can only "be" it, because when you experience it, "you" are not present. And you are SO right, an awful lot of Buddhists spend time feeling superior to the "misguided" Hindus. I love both paths - it's foolish to argue that the many Hindu saints and realized beings had not "gone, gone, gone beyond"

Merry Christmas Zennists! I cannot but copy/paste here the only good Christmas song ever written:


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