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December 08, 2013


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Hedonism is predominant among Western religions, so it is understandable so many teachers are tempted to present a syncretic amalgam of Buddhism comingled with the pragmatic materialism of worldly things. What inspires even greater compassion is to present this gilded nihilism to their students as though Buddhism did not always deny such things had any value whatsoever. Gurus like this are always very popular among a certain set of spiritual seeker who does not want to own up to the mystical roots of the teachings. Though they are open minded enough to abandon moral judgments, they brashly cast aside Buddha’s advice to transcend the illusory stream of mind. All one can do when seeing this their confusion over this matter is to call out to them and try to warn them, but it is of little avail if they will not listen. None of this has any lasting reality.

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