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December 15, 2013


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Rather than chase the butterfly that seems to be ever elusive, it may be better to sit quietly and let the butterfly come in it’s own time and rest upon your shoulder.

(I guess you're in a different time zone now, because as I was writing a comment on the post below, this came in.) Yes, what you say happens. Yes, I did drop out of Zen for several years mainly because I could neither drop away or relate in any serious way to my previous cultural conditioning...or to the new conditioning. Because that's what Buddhism "sounds like" to the average Westerner: just one more set of beliefs & rules to obey with little or no payoff. Except that this "strange" practice is something no one you know or are related to will be curious about or be interested in hearing about. The implication is "Well, WE are satisfied with the way we are...you are the one who's screwed up and dissatisfied." Well, yeah. And in my own Buddhist group I think of people falling into two categories: Busy-bee workers and mental patients. Some are there for company and some for therapy. Of course I place myself in the latter category...and whichever religious tradition I imbibe, I always end up destined for hell somehow. But everyone hastens to point out "That's what you've chosen!" Whatever.

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