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December 11, 2013


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Every single thing has Buddha nature but few see the true Buddha nature within and outside of themselves. In my honest opinion seeing the Buddha nature within is much more complex than seeing it in the world around you. The point of practice is to awaken, there are micro awakenings (as i call them) and THE true awakening. Micro awakenings are these mini enlightenment's where one sees true nature in things and I believe everyone has them. The ultimate goal is to completely stay awake and in the moment which we call becoming the Buddha. So my comment is just to go in furtherance of the original post.

It is the nature of salmon to swim upstream; not all do so the same way or even succeed, but the worldly nature remains strong in habit energy. Buddha nature is not like this and is unconditioned. It is very easy to confuse the nature of mind stream with Buddha nature, which is an essence that manifests as consciousness, and is not constrained to any given form, but itself gives rise to all things.

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