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December 22, 2013


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To take Mara as your 'unskilled states of mind' is enough.

That doesn't sound like the Khrisna of the Gita.


Let me know what you think. Are there any fallacies in the connection he makes?

I don't know Pali/Sanskrit so I thought it would be good if you verified this.

Methexis: No I haven't — please share what you have if you wish. This is from the Mahavastu which is quite interesting.

"Here at the Bodhi tree I won preeminence after seven days, woke up to enlightenment, and reached the end of the jungle and wilderness of birth, old-age and death. Here I have broken the demon [mara] who was my unskilled states of mind.  Here I have broken the Demon who was my limited personality.  Here I have broken the Demon who is the spirit of malevolence.  Here, it is done, at the foot of the Bodhi tree." 

Ardent Hollingsworth have you studied yet the identity between Krishna from the Gita and Mara the Evil One?

Verse 449 from the Padhana Sutta. The verse describes Mara’s 'defeat' and reads, ‘The lute fell from the armpit of that one overcome with disappointment. Then that discouraged one disappeared there and then’. Now throughout the sutta the Buddha’s adversary is called by three names – Mara, Namuci or Kanha.

This last name can be translated as ‘Dark One’ or ‘Darky’ and of course its Sanskrit equivalent is Krishna.

Now we meet with Krishna under his alternative name of Vasudeva in the Ghata Jataka (No.454), a story very similar to the one about Krishna in the Bhagavata Purana.

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