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December 26, 2013


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I think I can speak on behalf of all of us who visit your blog daily; the value of your unwavering efforts put forth to correct the wrong thinking which sentient beings abide in, is incalculable, at least it is so to my mind. All of us owe you a vegetarian banquet each. Thank you.

Have a nice time during the holidays, boys and girls.

Eidolon: Thanks so much! I realize that I am fighting an uphill battle not to mention the fact that the Black Dragons are few. But the reward of having just one person realize that the pure Mind is real—more real than this body and its world—is worth the time and effort.

I was astonished, also, back in 1969 to discover that pure MInd was an actual spiritual substance (I recall jumping up and down afterwards). I also know how very subtle it is which is why I keep trying to give clues as to its nature and give the adept lots of hope.

Love you all

Here at the end of the year, Zennist, I want to say thanks so much for what you have written in all these pages. I know I have been argumentative about some of the points you make, but this has been a very big year for me as far as Zen practice goes, and I deeply, deeply appreciate the insights you provide into the Buddha's teachings, and the emphasis you have made about investigating those teachings. I hope you and all your readers have a good and happy new year.

So many words ...


The most unnatural thing in this world is having likes and dislikes.

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