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December 15, 2013


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The rapturous experience strikes without warning when the consciousness is prepared through meditation and the right karmic influences which remove the conditionality of ordinary mind. It is not easily intelligible when this spiritual flower blooms. In modern times there are attempts to deny the mystical nature of this revelatory state of consciousness, but wisdom masters for ages have recognized it, and it is to these ancient teachings we must look and not to pop psychology or superstition. If we cannot convince ourselves of the fundamental unreality of samsara, we should at least be prepared to recognize what we grasp to holds our awakening at bay, like a ring of armed guards. We must walk alone into the heart of our fears, finding courage in the determination to shed ignorance and rise from the mud unfettered and unspoiled in purest consciousness. Fear of losing something is a dreadful setback and prevents the exposition of our sublime true nature as beings.

This information is familiar...but my question is WHY does the animative hide in the animated? Other religions say that we are separated because we've been "bad" and Buddhism identifies animals as existing on a lower level than humans saying that their whole lives are governed by fear--not true. The fear we associate with suffering is an entirely human characteristic. Animals, having only rudimentary egos can't see far enough into the future to fear failure or the death of a personal ego. Of course they experience discomfort and the fear associated with natural predators vs. self-preservation, but they don't dread death. But I do understand that this mental limitation and denseness keeps them from both human dread and from the human dissatisfaction that can eventually result in awakening.

When I talk with my two best friends, both Christians, they say, in effect, "What does the East have against the individual?" and "If I want a different 'view' of reality, I could take LSD. Would that be 'realer' than what I see now?" I actually can't answer those questions except to say "Yes, other people see things I can't see, and claim that it's the truth, and that it's inexpressable, and I want to see that too."

Get the problem?

This way of thinking: "Wink, wink! I know I'm just God fooling myself! It's all a masquerade on the cosmic scale!" usually ONLY results in more a more skilled net of delusion consisting of finer and finer degrees of conceptualization and basically stopping at the samadhi stage and mistaking THAT for liberation (present company excepted!)

I often wonder which of the modern, non-traditional Buddhist and non-Buddhist teachers that you as The Zennist respect and give credit to... If IT's happening now, IT has to be happening without respect to one fixed Dharma--because I've been through the Diamond Sutra so many times that I'm actually beginning to take it seriously. (Anyway, these are my thoughts today.)

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