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December 30, 2013


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N. Yeti - I am sorry to hear about your nephew!

There is no insult implied in my comment whatsoever. If you choose to see it that way it, it merely illustrates my point of the complete and utter inability of science to end the confusion of the human mind. Science has proven utterly unable to provide a life without conflict. What you see as the benefits, or the conveniences if you will, of science are paltry, pale reminders of the futility of the known. This "law and order" you cite as some form of evidence that science has ended conflict, rather than added to it, is merely yet another sign of the habit of the human mind which grasps unendingly to its conditions of knowledge in defense of the very conflicts which it itself creates and perpetuates in ignorance.

n.yeti, Okay, personal insults...that's how you're gonna play it. These two comments: 1)Science has enabled the imminent destruction of our entire ecosystem and 2)you (I) laud the order of streetlights (...)are both incorrect. Whatever "science" does, we can't destroy the ecosystem. The ecosystem will, however, change. Saying that we can destroy it is human egotism. And, who cares about streetlights? What I was talking about is that we agree not to--for example--run down pedestrians and deter or punish those who do.

Well, if it rings your chimes to fight what you call the "objective world of total confusion," go ahead and enjoy yourself. I'm sure it will give you a deep sense of temporary satisfaction & superiority. However, I'm gonna continue to consider the advancement of science as something by and large positive, and continue examining the subjective (first person) realm of knowing as well.

Battling the mind and making ego the bad guy & trying to kill him off is a fool's game. What I mean is that by doing that we just slip into finer and finer degrees of conceptualization without realizing it...with Delusion laughing behind her hand. Purely observing reality without trying to blacken or whitewash it will ultimately give both you & me a wider perspective.

Adasatala, I am moved to respond because a few weeks ago my nephew killed himself. What I think that dream means is in reference to seeing through negative mental states to their resolution in spiritual practice. I see these dreams as a positive sign that your practice is becoming deeply rooted in consciousness. The illusion of maya is showing cracks. It reminds me of a dream I had after a revolution of spirit which involved a rapture and definite evolution of my very mode of being on earth. I was meditating in my dream, while kayaking down a stream in sustained, unbroken samadhi. If you research it I think you will find that dreaming in the meditative state is considered a clear sign of deep seated changes in your consciousness as a result of waking practice. I could offer more interpretations of the content of your dreams if you wish, but I suggest relying upon intuitive understanding, your first understanding, of their import. Intuition develops alongside meditative practice. How you interpret them is probably what they mean. Happy new year and fruitful meditations!

Susan I am glad you disagree because otherwise we would have nothing to discuss. I do not see the link between science and morality. Science has enabled the imminent destruction of our entire ecosystem; you laud the order of streetlights but do not see the disorder represented by the car itself; I am not at all surprised that you are trapped by the known, for having arisen in an objective world of total confusion, how could it be otherwise?

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