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November 14, 2013


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Methexis, I'm an author and journalist, mainly.

As far as transcending I don't think I've transcended anything. It seems I have not even approached the foot of the mountain, and sometimes I feel like I'm getting nowhere at all.

Then, once in a while, the Buddhas manifest themeselves, they lift the veil of material unreality just a bit, just enough to remind me why it matters, and I keep going.

Neti-Neti Yeti: I admire your enthusiasm. What do you do when you're not transcending? Do you like Röyksopp?

"Because of folly they do not understand that all things are like Maya, like the reflection of the moon in water, that there is no self-substance to be imagined as an ego-soul and its belongings, and that all their definite ideas rise from their false discriminations of what exists only as it is seen of the mind itself."
(Lankavatara sutra)

In classical Advaita, the metaphor commonly used is mistaking a rope for a snake. This is called "superimposition" or adhyasa. In western terms, this is akin to not seeing the forest for the trees.

From this metaphor we see how we are deluded by Maya: this delusion springs from a dialectical root. There is a "veiling power" (avarana) that prevents us from seeing what the rope in fact is, and a "projecting power" (or vikshepa) which is the illusion of a snake superimposed over the rope, and completing our delusion.

The petty suffering ego self is confused with the blissful unconditioned consciousness of all-existence, which is Nirvana. The materialist Buddhist, who delights in all appearances streaming from their thievish minds, which seek to rob them of the meaning of reality, mistakes one for the other.

They see the transient waves of unreal existence but fail to recognize the one undiferentiated ocean of reality which gives rise to them, and which cannot be approached through any concept or rational knowing, but by transcendence of the known in the deepest seat of consciousness.

It is the very content of mind itself which is the primordial problem of rebirth. As long as we dwell in the known, taking comfort from our mind stream of delusion, we will forever be trapped by the known.

The one common Essence of reality is so indefinably vast that no ordinary material mind could ever encompass it.

It is the reckless and aberrant Buddhist indeed who would prefer to dwell with the chimeric demons of the mind system rather than practice to transcend discriminated reality through the "turning about" of self realization of Noble Wisdom, as revealed in the mystical teachings.

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