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November 24, 2013


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Does the noumenon of this gnosis know a denouement?

Hui-neng's commentary on the Diamond Sutra uses the term "objective eye" ... that's the eye of practice ... (and that's also why we don't need to sit to practice ... the objective eye can practice, constantly - ... the same text says "not dwelling on phenomena but seeking noumenon" ...)

"The only value in sitting is that it acts as a constant reminder for us to look for our true nature."

It also forces the mind back upon itself by depriving it of external distraction - no eyes wandering, no fidgeting, etc. The body is still and balanced, and so "activity" is reduced to the minimum necessary to keep one alive and, hopefully, alert. The boredom produced by long sessions of this also forces the mind to exhaust its tricks of imagination, daydreaming,and so forth.

I like the "spiritual amnesia" motif--great!

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