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October 29, 2013


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Just to let everybody know, the day this exchange was posted I found 25 cents at the airport.

I donated the quarter along with some cash to a charity for African children in the name of Zennist and all who posted on this topic.

(I'll take the 25 cents if nobody else wants them. Just sayin')

25 cents seems like a pretty good price for a koan, but I'll wait till they go on sale.

"Living with one induces a kind of uncanny quality in the mind, which, if pursued, can have interesting results."

You can keep your 25 cents.....your own interpretation of the Koan falls far short of its real purpose.

Let look at one particular Koan in the Blue Cliff Record (case number 19). http://www.openbuddha.com/resources/koans/blue-cliff-record.html

"Whatever he was asked about Buddhism, Master Gutei simply stuck up one finger."

People see the appearance/image of the one finger raised upward, not knowing the originative substance that generates that image. To a 'first-class' fellow, as Lin-chi often speaks about, he sees the originative power first BEFORE he sees the image.

If you expect the Koan can generate good dream (more images in sleep state), then you are deluded beyond salvation. It is a typical practice of the Westerners Buddhists which does not surprise me a bit, :)


The crux of a koan, and they all have one, acts as a wedge to stop the discursive mind. It's like a trick that appears to give the mind "something to do", yet does not work by way of the ordinary thinking process, and in fact leads nowhere if turned over in the mind in that ordinary way of thinking. Living with one induces a kind of uncanny quality in the mind, which, if pursued, can have interesting results. They also have the odd quality of taking over one's dream states at night, when the discursive mind is quieter. Just my 25 cents...

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