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September 08, 2013


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I agree, but the emphasis should be on 'people', meaning that the masters in question didn't hold sermons for the sake of ordinary minds which resided outside of their respective monasteries. They were speaking to monks who's minds were bent on liberation, but at the same time they couldn't let go off the sutras, when they needed to let go of everything. And today some monkey reads these sermons and thinks to himself, "Oh! I probably shouldn't bother studying the sutras, the Zen Masters said so!", and some even slander the sutras in an effort to emulate these Masters, only to find themselves having ended up in the Hells. Now, is this bad karma for the Masters, or does it all fall on these limited people who don't seem to notice the persimon clutched in the grip of their vile hands, while asking for handouts with their mouths still watering?

This is why Chan/Zen isn't for everyone. Sure, anyone can claim their liberation and become Buddhas, but nobody is getting anywhere before facing their own limits, which are only constructs implemented by their own karmic baggage.

And language will remain free as long as the subject that is using it remains pure of heart and free of defilements.

Study and contemplation, indeed! In my opinion, Chan was designed to function as the purest form of Buddhism. How these idiots today have managed to boil this down to just sitting is beyond me. The Dharma is surely ending. Sentient beings no longer fathom it, they only run away from it. But hey, they can manage putting their corpse in a seated position!

I apologize for such a long-winded comment, lol.

You are right! what are these Westerners thinking? In Vietnam, China or Japan, beginner Buddhists read the Dhammapada!

Thich Nhat Hanh wrote Zen Keys, another beginner cook book, lol.........he then preaches to the Vietnamese to revere their mothers like a Buddha (knowing most of the Viet folks worship their ancestors). Certainly Hanh's teaching is very much so misleading!

I do however think these authors are in for the money. They tell the people what they want to hear. Most of the time these people only want dog poo instead of gold :)


The Platform Scripture directly says that correct practice of Zen is study of the Diamond Sutra.

The reason why people separate Zen and Buddhism is Zen's own fault (Zen masters statements about sutras confused people ...)

Zhiyi of Tiantai explained study and contemplation are like two wings - without one the practitioner cannot take off.

Another heretical idea embraced by many Zen masters is a negative view of language. Bodhidharma though said, I paraphrase, "language is essentially free - it has nothing to do with attachment"

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