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September 01, 2013


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If The World Honored One stood next to a donkey, do you suppose Manjusri would be able to differentiate between a farm animal and The Lord? Or would he mistake a thief for his own son?

Folks, the author tries to tell you about the Deathless. I got disembodiment from reading this article. :)

Anyhow, just remember you are not your body..........True Nature ain't that corpse you carry around, LOL


Considering I, who according to you do not have buddha-nature, sense that you have passed sixty and do not have many years left in that body, I believe you will "live" to eat your words, once your psyche has detached from that walking mirror effigy of your self-ignorant spirit.

Just hold tight, for a slanderer of the dharma, like your acclaimed no-self, the ride is said to be very...interesting. (grins).

Whoever wrote the article on Dogen's Category Mistake has no experience of Sunyata. Have the experience, then have your say. To do otherwise is to make trouble. I'm very sorry to say, you have no idea what you are talking about. One cannot HAVE buddha-nature as there is no one to have it. Form IS Emptiness. Emptiness IS form. This is why to see a donkey, etc is to see Buddha-Nature etc.

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