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September 05, 2013


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Dude, I don't know what else to tell you, it is the spiritual JUICE!

Why are you pondering, huh? IS anything out there more direct than that?

I come here daily to get juiced up before work, to deal with Puthujana world,........yeah, you need to have spiritual power to overcome their bulls**t!

And the author sends it out everyday........full of compassion, strong and fearless

If you can't sense it, that is not his problem, LOL


"In the Lankāvatāra Sūtra it is said that the tathāgatagarbha might be mistaken for a self, which it is not. In the 'Sagathakam' section of that same sutra, however, the Tathagatagarbha as the Self is not denied, but affirmed: 'The Atma [Self] characterised with purity is the state of self-realization; this is the Tathagata's Womb (garbha), which does not belong to the realm of the theorisers'"


Here it explicitly denies that the Tathagatagarbha is the Self of theorizers, of philosophers.

It is obviously something else. - Identifiable with Nirvana, the Unborn, Buddha's selfhood.


" All sentient beings will have in future ages the most perfect enlightenment, i.e., the Buddha nature. " (Nirvana Sutra)

Thus, the present life we live is a series of provisional posits that will be retroactively unlocked/revealed once we are perfectly enlightened.

It is neither an unreal dream, nor waking reality. It is provisionally-real and empty; it is the Self arraying itself in time.

"What is their purpose in studying Buddhism in the first place?To completely undermine it?That is something a psychopath would do" Wikipedia-Georg Hegel,section 2.1 Religion. Karl Marx,section 6.2.1 Human Nature. Youtube-Johnathan Bowden:The Frankfurt School Of Intellectuals And Marxism

Wonderful way to encapsulate the dilemma, reminiscent of the marvelous Dark Zen Manual of old.

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