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August 25, 2013


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In answer to your question, not everyone studies the ancient languages or has been exposed to the canon of Sutras as you have. As Westerners we are stuck with "pop buddhist" or "zen" books on every subject written by people who think one shallow kensho makes them enlightened. And these are not much more than self-help books about basic meditation techniques. Mahayana Buddhism as a religion is very hard for the Westerner to swallow...we see it as a kind of "Buddhist Catholicism"; a catch-all legalistic faith, and I doubt that if not brought up in the culture, we can bend our minds into believing in all the ghosts, dragons & garudas flying around. Also, it's very monastic--that comes through in ALL the sutras I read. And...it's sexist as well, but frankly, who isn't? (I'm female & even I'm sexist.)

Looking for something definitive on Wikipedia. Hmmm. It's interesting, but the encyclopedia isn't either complete or completely accurate.

Why is it that what is completely obvious to someone like you or me, or someone like George Grimm or Dolpopa, is so difficult for many Buddhists to accept, especially modern Buddhists?

What is most baffling to me is how they claim notions of the Buddha-nature or nirvana as the "Atman" camp perceives it as "eternalism." If nirvana or the goal of all Buddhist practice isn't unconditioned and eternal (timeless, transcending time) then what is the point? What exactly are they trying to achieve and believe nirvana consists of?

My master told me;

"Among sentients of ignorance and evil, devoid of the true dharma in their minds and hearts, fear is the prime ruler of the mind; and thus, fear and all things of it, is what the Buddha Mind animates upon their chosen path.

From such a low vantage point of the great treasure, enlightenment is not possible. Only suffering is."

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