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August 14, 2013


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When it says in a Sutra "on the basis (pratitya) of valvaja grass a rope of produced/arises (samutpada)," we can all distinguish the difference between the grass and its twisted form (rope). Unfortunately, it is not so easy to do with pure Mind and its phenomenalizations!

Once I thought you were crazy with your Manichean separation between body and self, but now I realize how right you've always been:

"The psychophysical body is Mara’s and so is its various postures! Practicing with Mara’s body is somewhat like using desire to quell desire."

You are basically making the same point, over and over, on this blog. But to be honest, even if you repeat it 10.000 times, it still won't be enough.

Our bombu (puthujjana) skulls are so thick that maybe not even 100.000 repetitions is enough! Fortunately the Buddha-Nature is able to hear the Dharma, even though our rational minds are in confusion and disbelief.

I hope someday I can see.

All efforts should be directed at renouncing and abstaining from every single samsaric thought ever produced and every memory ever accumulated and every habit ever developed, and concentrate only on facing the source. There is really nothing else to be done if we wish to awaken. All else is foolishness and a mere surrender to ignorance. Sitting (or doing whatever) in this body whilst unawakened and at the same time believing that this will cut it, is similar to a puppet show where Mara is the puppet master. There is no liberation in giving up or giving in, but there is certainly liberation in breaking through.

Bad karma, indeed. Most of us don't even comprehend that each time we curse and spew hatred towards adversity and hardship, we are only attacking Bodhisattvas, and in turn deepening our suffering and ignorance.

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