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August 20, 2013


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Who Cares ?
The fact that you are all arguing about it tells me you have yet to find enlightenment. I am not saying I have, just saying you havent, otherwise you would put aside your petty bickering. If Gotama was alive, he would give you all a good scolding.

Uhh... I saw that the link did not appear:


Demons of defilemet

I would not say so. I also have seen different but they are moderate. And at least everybody works for Mara or under his illusion as long liberation is not attained. Let me share a great talk of Ajahn Lee with you: The Demons of Defilement

Actually your current apperception is Maras appearance. Its tricky.


One simple Pali word for the mods on FreeSangha is puthujjana. A puthujjana is a secular person or the same, a profane individual. They are not ariyan (anariyo). Their practice is unworthy (anariyavohâro) They are not disciples (ariyasavaka). They are not holy persons (ariyapuggala). They have not won the current (sotapanna). The have not entered the path (ariyamaggo) nor have they realized the sublime truth (ariyasaccam). Their job, although they don't know it, is to keep people in ignorance as to the true Dharma. They work for Mara the Evil One.


first of all I have to defend Freesangha. It would be not correct to speak general in such a manner. Of causes in this time they are stressed and over eager moderators try to make it smooth.
We need to be aware that very, very less moderators are actually really practicing but are merely devoted followers or freaky philosophy.
I can tell you, as somebody who is actually banned in ALL Buddhist forums that FreeSangha is the most liberal. That does not mean that I advocate secular Liberalism.

The main "probelm" of forums is that they are merely used as socializing places and knowledge feeding places and very very less as training places of mindfulness on feelings, intentions, mindstates. Which is actually sad and there is very less effort to use it in this way. As if Facebook and Googel would not serve the usage as usual adopted.

People are not used to interact with each other and most of them know not much of the world, have not gotten known many different people and have not real observed their own mind in basics.

The next is that those who "practice" merely practice that what is the main failure especially in Zen: the so called "householder equanimity". One fallen out of this dullness it causes to be in a very low realm of consciousness and leads to animal and Asura reaction.

Over all most "Buddhists" are trained and taught that criticism and speaking about issues would be generally "wrong speech" and to safeguard this is a further support to keep "householder equanimity" upright. They are not familiar with any phenomena at all but have the deep wish to keep their outward protections alive and build up a group to nourish on each other as long as possible.

One more thing is that there are actually one or two hand full of mod's maintaining all the forums and "control" them.

Banner somebody is nothing different from killing and I tell you that the karmic effects are nothing different at all. Once caught in doing wrong, it is not easy to come out of this way and they will do it again an again. Full of fear, full of anger, nourished by delusion.

The runner of forums, if we take Freesangha for example, do not really know whats going on. Mods and Owner need month to know who is behind of this or that avatar and what is his/her intention. If somebody has a little attentive attitude and is a little interested of the intention of certain people, it takes 10 or 20 posts and one would know. If one is dull, one sees the problem just when it arises very extreme.

After all, we need to be fare to say that especially the "Zen-Freaks" are not easy food for others and it would maybe in-honest to say that they do not enjoy a little on really intentional trolling.

Personally I find this hiding behind an avatar very childish and if somebody is not able to stand straight with is full person, he/she is not able to make use of online practice. That is like being a rat and ugly. And if such ways are done by mod's that what else will happen then that the group will grow in the same way.

Most people have no basics in regard of respect, gratitude and not to speak of generosity. Sila is a general tabu (especially under the mahayanis and Zenis ;-) ) but all of them speak about issues which are related to the higher noble path nourishing a dull and ignorant group called "Buddhists".

That is actually the sad thing behind and I doubt that will change as Buddhism grows more and more to a place for extreme degenerated folks and all kinds of fringe group with extreme and perverse sensual attachments to this or that.

How ever. It is one thing to criticize and another to make it better by one self. And in a environment where teacher and leader are corrupt, degenerated and/or solicitousness with stuff they do not know, how could "disciples" grow?

So be sure, there are really more professional killer in the name of Buddha around as they might be found on freesangha and naturally in this world, those with armed power grow good and fast till the peak and then will have a very hurtful end. I am not sure if they ever will understand even the roots of the teachings.

To quote a wise person and Abbott of an forest monastery after been asked "why do you keep the undesirable people on this place", he answered "That we know how far our practice really goes, actually they are our best teachers"

Fools would not understand. They like Santaclaus and Cockaigne but are not a little interested in practice at all.

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