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August 18, 2013


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Well, aren´t we the lucky ones?

Recently broadcasted on the Coast to Coast radio (with millions of american listeners)we hear a well known scientist Dr. Dean Radin (AT&T, Bell labs, Princeton) defending the mystical side of Buddhism, criticising the view of the brain being the seat of consciousness and even presenting research on siddhis performed by tibethan yogis in his laboratory. The guy also talks about Patanjalis Hatha and Raja Yoga including its mystical sides.

Here is a excerpt;
"Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dean Radin, discussed his latest research into the extraordinary powers of the mind, and enlightened beings. Various 'supernormal' powers, called siddhis, were described in classical yoga texts and included everything from telepathy and precognition to invisibility and levitation. According to this tradition, these abilities would occur as a consequence of deep meditation. While everyone has the potential to develop these skills, "our lives are so distracted, that we don't have the capacity to pay attention to what's actually inside all of us," he noted. The first siddhi in advanced meditation is the simultaneous perception of past, present, and future, which could lead to precognition, he said.

Yoga and Eastern philosophies in general suggest that consciousness is fundamental and out of this emerges the physical world. Even science is beginning to question the seat of consciousness-- that awareness does not stem from the brain but is just built into the fabric of reality, Radin commented. In this way of thinking, the brain could be thought of as a receiver, and something like telepathy is not a form of signaling, but a momentary recognition of the holistic nature of reality, he outlined. Citing an experiment with an advanced meditator, he explained how the subject was able to influence the movement of a laser beam in a separate room, not by projecting outward, but by going deeper into his mind."

Go here to listen; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74glSQh4q4E&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PLIOSE1vN8rwiz7noIIZq3HL2sX_np4wpM

the interview begins at the 38:30 mark.

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